Cultivating Place-Based Information with Omeka

Explore the C-Dash pilot installation.

For an illustrated tour of our process, visit the C-Dash Slideshow.

CDash Home Screen

The Cambridge Historical Commission collects documents about each building in the city. The collection now spans ten file cabinets filled with folders, each of which is labeled with a street address (most of the time) or the name of a place. The file drawers are roughly partitioned to districts, with the folders being alphabetized by street-name. The C-Dash project has digitized each of the documents and is now in the process of creating a map-based web site to make these available to the public.

We hope that the tools and procedures we are developing will be useful for other local historical commissions. Visit our C-DASH project on GitHub to download the a working Omeka development environment with the custom modules and themes to play with C-DASH on your own computer.